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"Entertainment will be the biggest factor in the success of your celebration." Which leads you to me! Hello, my name is Ryan Robinson.

Wow...where to start? Before we do, I would like to say how honored I am that you are here, considering Globaltruth Entertainment for your big day. The most important thing to remember is that this whole experience is not about me at all. This entire process is about YOU and all your guests.

About Page 2 copyLet's go back to where it began. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Born and raised for 19 years in one of the best places on earth. Well, besides the negative temperatures and freezing ice in the winter. Growing up basketball was my first love. You would not find a day I was not practicing my dribbling or sitting for hours behind the free throw line. That dedication and commitment started to move to music when I was around 14 years old. By the age of seventeen, basketball was still a love, but music was my passion, and I knew that would never change.

I knew early that it wasn't just music that I loved. I was amazed by the BIG productions. The lights! The videos! All the moving parts behind the stage that made productions come to life. As with any wedding, music probably plays the biggest role. But LIGHTING is going to give that WOW factor when you walk in the room. It will set the stage for the entire night.

That love of music and production began my DJ career as a late teen specializing in youth events all around eastern Iowa. When I was nineteen I made a bold move, one of which I had no real template to use, or guide to hold my hand. I moved 1,100 miles away to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The plan was to get closer to a recording Arts & Design college in Florida and soon start my career in the recording arts field. This dream was quickly turned into doing what everyone in a tourist town does and that is the service industry.About Page 3 copy

Fastforward eight years to the age of 27 where I had a dream again. There was a fire burning inside for so long and I made the leap to make my dreams come true. This is where Globaltruth Entertainment was born! I have built Globaltruth Entertainment with a big vision in mind. I wanted a company that was not about myself at all, but about a bride and groom, the story that THEY share, and making the biggest day of their lives a magical one. Not only a success, but a celebration where everyone walks away exhausted from dancing, cheeks hurt from laughing, and a night filled with endless memories that will last a lifetime.

About Page 4 copyJust as basketball will never leave my heart, music will always be my biggest passion. Recently I have realized that it's not just DJing that is the reason for our successful events, but EVENT HOSTING could be just as important if not more. Hosting special celebrations is really where I think I shine. It's always a fine line of being on the microphone just enough to produce the best party ever. Being an emcee and host is all about finding that balance and keep the night fresh and full of movement.

That is what life is all about for me. Again, my name is Ryan Robinson. I am so looking forward to get to know you and YOUR story. Your vision for your celebration means a lot to me. Let's get started today. 

Ryan Robinson
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